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New Programs Offered to Residential Customers

In addition to the variety of programs New Holstein Utilities has offered to our residential customers, we are introducing three new programs in 2002. Residential customers can participate in the Appliance Turn-in Program and the Wisconsin Energy Star Homes Program. New Holstein Utilities has also agreed to participate in the statewide "Efficient Heating & Cooling Initiative" introduced through the Department of Administration's Focus on Energy project.

Through the Appliance Turn-in Program, residential customers can have old refrigerators, freezers, and room air conditioners picked-up and disposed of by a vendor. There is no cost to have the appliance(s) picked-up. In fact, we'll even pay you a $20 cash reward to participate. The appliance(s) must be in working condition at the time they are picked-up by the vendor. The appliance(s) will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and useful parts will be recycled, while dangerous PCBs and ozone damaging CFCs will be recovered. For more information please visit the Appliance Turn-in Reward section of our web site.

The Wisconsin Energy Star Homes Program is available to individuals who are interested in constructing a new home in our service territory. All homes built under this program must follow strict program guidelines. The contractor building the home must qualify as an Energy Star Home builder. Plans for the home must be evaluated and approved by an energy consultant. The consultant will also conduct three on-site inspections of the home during the construction process. A final inspection and performance test is completed when the home construction is finished. If the new home receives a specific rating (based on a scoring system) it is certified as an Energy Star Home.

As a part of this program, New Holstein Utilities pays an incentive of $520 to assist in defraying the cost of the home plan evaluation and the on-site inspections completed by the consultant. Also, an additional $200 is available if the customer purchases a qualifying Energy Star rated horizontal-axis washer, refrigerator, and dishwasher.

The Wisconsin Focus on Energy's "Efficient Heating & Cooling Initiative" offers New Holstein Utilities' residential customers the opportunity to replace old, inefficient furnaces, central air conditioners, and gas-fired water heaters with high efficiency models. When installing qualifying equipment customers can receive a rebate of $150 to $200. The program is only available until June 30, 2002. Customers who are interested in participating in this program should contact their local heating, plumbing, or air conditioning contractor.

We encourage our customers to participate in our energy-saving programs to help keep their utility bills economical.