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Mason Street Water Tower to Get a New Look

The water tower on Mason Street is in the process of receiving a new look. The water tower was last painted shortly before New Holstein's Sesquicentennial Celebration.

Several years ago, New Holstein Utilities decided to make improvements to its water distribution system. These improvements included the construction of a new water tower, the demolition of the Madison Street water tower and the painting of the Mason Street water tower. The new water tower was constructed in 2007 and the Madison Street water tower was demolished in June of 2008.

In early July, the painting crew arrived. As the existing paint on the Mason Street water tower contains some lead, a containment system is being utilized. The containment system is used while the paint crew sandblasts the old paint off of the water tower. The containment system keeps most of the particles from the sandblasting from entering the atmosphere. After several days of preparing the rigging of the containment system, the paint crew will begin its work.

[The paint crew began sandblasting on July 15. The wind and rain storm on July 16 shredded the bonnet (top portion) of the containment system. After two days of making repairs to the bonnet, the paint crew was able to begin sandblasting again.]

Once the sandblasting is complete, the water tower will be primed and painted. The words "New Holstein", along with the letters NH from the city logo, will be painted on the water tower. With favorable weather, the painting of the Mason Street water tower and the "scripting" on the Kennedy Drive water tower should be complete by mid-August.

Maguire Iron of Sioux Falls, South Dakota is the painting contractor.