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Is your business considering an energy efficiency project?

If so, we might be able to help. We have expertise in energy efficiency and a program just for efficiency improvement projects. Eligible projects include new lighting, HVAC, motors, compressed air systems, electric chillers, food service measures and more.

Weíll work with you to determine the potential cost savings, calculate the payback and evaluate new equipment options. Best of all, if the project will reduce energy consumption and power demand during our peak periods, you may be eligible for a cash incentive. Minimum efficiency requirements and other terms and conditions apply. Contact us for details.

New Holstein Utilities (NHU) was involved with several energy efficiency projects this year.

  • Energy audits were conducted at Amerequip plants 1 & 2. As a result, Amerequip upgraded the lighting and an incentive was awarded.
  • Koehler Farms participated in the New Construction Design Assistance Program.
  • The New Holstein Middle School addition received an equipment review and incentives for lighting, HVAC, and VFDs.
  • New Holstein Public Library received incentives for an energy
  • Stellís Piggly Wiggly worked with NHU and our power supplier, Wisconsin Public Power Inc., towards ENERGY STAR certification. Stellís is in the top 25% of energy efficient grocery stores in the nation!