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NHU Presented with Leadership Award

New Holstein Utilities and other WPPI Energy member utilities were presented with a Leadership Award from Cooper Power Systems on January 7. The award was presented to the utility as being one of Wisconsin's early adopters of the use of Envirotemp FR3 fluid in new electric transformers.

WPPI Energy's membership made a decision in early 2008 to purchase new transformers from Cooper Power Systems with the Envirotemp FR3 fluid. The new fluid in the transformers helps to achieve higher levels of safety, performance and reliability. While the new transformers are more expensive, they are also more environmentally friendly than transformers that are filled with standard mineral oils. Over the life of the transformer, the long range benefits far outweigh the additional up-front costs.

The Envirotemp FR3 fluid is derived from 100% edible seed oils and uses food grade additives. The edible seed oils can be obtained in the U.S., cutting the need to use petroleum based oils in the transformers. Because of its unique ability to draw out retained moisture, the fluid can extend transformer insulation life, thereby increasing the operable life of the transformer. As the life cycle of the transformers is increased, less money is spent on replacement transformers. This helps reduce New Holstein Utilities' operating costs and stabilize our electric rates.

We are pleased to be a part of Wisconsin's leaders in utilizing this new technology!