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How Much Does It Cost to Operate My..........???

Are you curious about the electric cost to operate some of your electric products? NHU has several options to help you get the answer.

One easy way is to utilize the Home Energy Calculator that can be found on our web site. Simply go to the Home Energy Calculator icon that is located on the left hand side of NHU's home page and double click. Once you are on the site of the Home Energy Calculator, you can easily navigate around the site and input information about the appliances that you have in your home. The calculator will then provide you with an estimated cost to operate that electric appliances for a given amount of time.

If you would like information that is more accurate for your specific electric product, we recommend the use of a hands-on appliance meter. New Holstein Utilities has easy-to-use Watts Up? meters to monitor the electric consumption of your 120-volt electric appliances.

Through the use of these meters you can receive four types of information about the appliance being monitored, including:

  1. Cost - shows in dollars and cents the cost of operating the appliance.
  2. Watts - provides information about the amount of electricity the appliance is drawing at a specific time.
  3. Kilowatt-hours (kWh) - indicates the amount of electricity used by the appliance as recorded by the meter.
  4. Time - records the length of time the meter monitred the appliance.

The Watts Up? meters are available at the NHU office. There is no charge to use the meters and you can use the meter for up to two weeks. The New Holstein library also has the meters available for customers to check out.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 898-5776.