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Rebate available for tree planting

Research has shown that a properly shaded home can reduce your cooling costs up to 35 percent. If your home is not properly shaded, plan now for the future by strategically planting trees around your home.

In addition to reducing the demand for electric generation and cutting the use of fossil fuels, trees are Mother Nature’s air filter, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and adding oxygen. This helps reduce the greenhouse effect on the Earth.

Trees should always be planted away from power lines. By avoiding power lines, as well as other utility lines, you will be safe and reduce the risk of problems that can develop in the future as the tree(s) grow. Please contact Digger’s Hotline at (800) 242-8511 at least three days before you plant your tree to have all underground utilities located.

As a “Tree City” (as recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation), the City of New Holstein has tree pamphlets available to residents at City Hall. Also, through the receipt of a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Urban Forestry Grant, the city has developed a tree viewing area on Kennedy Drive (behind Tractor Supply Company and Stell’s Piggly Wiggly). Here you can view 20 different varieties of street trees that can be planted in New Holstein.

There is still plenty of time to plant a deciduous shade tree and receive a cash incentive through our Tree Power Program. You may be eligible to receive up to $60 per qualifying tree (for a maximum of three trees) planted before October 31, 2009. Local nurseries can help you select the right tree for your needs. For more information about the incentive, visit or call 898-5776.