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What is Commitment to Community charge on my bill?

To help address the serious electric power shortages that Wisconsin experienced in previous years, business, labor, utilities, consumer and other groups supported a change in the law to ensure financing for the state's energy conservation and low-income energy assistance programs.

The proposal was submitted to the Legislature by Governor Thompson in April 1999, and the resulting program charge was passed as part of the state budget bill in October 1999. Under provisions of 1999 Wisconsin Act 9 and 2005 Wisconsin Act 141, a municipal electric utility shall charge each customer a low-income assistance and energy efficiency fee.

The fees collected must be used for low-income assistance programs and energy efficiency programs:

  • Bill Payment Assistance
  • Low-Income Home Weatherization
  • Energy Efficiency Rebates
  • Energy Audits for Homes & Businesses
  • Offering Customers Renewable Energy Options