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Winter Moratorium Ends on April 15, 2011

Wisconsin's Winter Emergency Period, which places a moratorium on residential services disconnections, will end on April 15, 2011. Customers who are past due on payment of their utility bills can have their service disconnected after that date.

New Holstein Utilities is advising electric and water customers who are in arrears on their utility bills to pay their account(s) in full or contact the utility to make payment arrangements to avoid service disconnection. Unpaid utility bills can affect the costs to operate the utility and eventually drives up the costs for all customers. Therefore, it is the goal of NHU to collect the unpaid bills from customers who are not current on their account(s).

New Holstein Utilities will be sending notices on April 5 to all customers who are delinquent on their account(s). Customer will then have 10 days to contact NHU to either pay their account(s) or stop by the NHU office to make arrangements to pay off the balance owed. For those customers who need to make payment arrangements, a down payment of between 25% and 50% of the balance owed will be required. The percentage of the down payment depends on the amount owed to the utility. All delinquent accounts must be current within a maximum of three months. For customers who do not pay their balance in full or make arrangements on their account(s) within 10 days, they will receive a 24-hour notice before the account(s) is disconnected.

For those customers who elect not to make any payments during the winter moratorium, NHU will be requesting a deposit on their account(s). According to PSC rules, the deposit may not exceed the highest actual gross bills for any four (4) consecutive months within the preceding 12 months review period.

"New Holstein Utilities recognizes that we are still working on coming out of a very deep recession and the economy is still providing many challenges for some of our customers," stated Randy Jaeckels, NHU's General Manager. "However, money still must be collected for services that have been provided. It is our responsibility to all of our customers to ensure that money owed to us is collected. Our staff is willing to work with our customers to assist them in paying off the balance on their account(s)."

Some customers may be eligible for energy assistance. As the guidelines for eligibility have changed from years past, customers should investigate if they may be eligible. Funds are limited so customers should apply soon. To apply for energy assistance, customers should call 1-866-432-8947.

The New Holstein Utlilities office is open from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays. The office is located at 2110 Washington Street, in the New Holstein City Hall. The NHU phone number is 898-5776.