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Residential and Business Energy Efficiency Incentives Available for 2012

New Holstein Utilities and the Focus on Energy Program will partner again in 2012 to offer energy efficiency incentives (rebates) to the residential and business customers of New Holstein Utilities.

The most notable change to New Holstein Utilities' programs for 2012 will be the elimination of the Appliance Turn-in (Recycling) Program.  However, customers will still be able to take advantage of appliance recycling through the state-wide Focus on Energy (FOE) Program.  FOE indicated in 2011 that it planned to add the appliance recycling option on a state-wide basis, so NHU decided to offer this program through FOE.  The finishing touches are taking place and FOE plans to introduce its Appliance Recycling Program some time in March of 2012.

NHU is pleased to announce that all other residential and business programs will be offered again in 2012.  Customers can obtain rebates for the purchase of Energy Star rated products such as washers, refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, televisions, programmable thermostats and air conditioners.  We will also offer air conditioning tune-up rebates and incentives to purchase and plant shade trees.   More information and rebate applications are available throughout our web site. 

As a Focus on Energy partner, residential and business customers are also eligible to take advantage of energy efficiency incentives offered by Focus on Energy.  For more information on programs and incentives offered by FOE please visit

Business customers who are exploring the possibility of energy efficiency projects that are outside of the scope of FOE's prescriptive rebates are strongly encouraged to contact New Holstein Utilities regarding the availability of custom rebates.  Our Energy Services Representative, Frank Barth, will be happy to work with you to provide your business with a rebate or a financing option through our Shared Savings Program.  You must contact us before the energy efficient equipment is purchased to be eligible to receive energy efficiency rewards.

So, if you are exploring options to reduce your electric consumption in 2012, call us and we will be happy to assist you in garnering some financial incentives for your efforts!