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Lamp and Electronics Recycling Service Day Scheduled

New Holstein Utilities is coordinating a Recycling Service Day for Tuesday, September 25 from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Residential and business customers can bring their products to the NHU Garage at 1819 Park Avenue.

As a part of our initiative to promote a clean environment, New Holstein Utilities is pleased to coordinate this Recycling Service Day.  A variety of materials used in today's society contain toxic heavy metals, like lead and mercury, which can harm the environment if disposed of in an improper manner.  So, disposing of these materials in a proper manner is very important!

We will accept the following materials: lamps (including fluorescent, incandescent and high intensity discharge), ballasts (electronic, non-PCB contaminated and PCB contaminated), batteries (alkaline, lithium, Ni-cad), and electronics (computer components, televisions, microwave ovens).  NO VEHICLE BATTERIES WILL BE ACCEPTED!  All products collected will be disposed of by a licensed vendor in an environmentally responsible manner.

There is a small fee to bring in your items and have them recycled/disposed of in a safe manner.  The following is the fee to have these products recycled:

  • Fluorescent lamps 4' and under (including compacts) - $.16 each
  • Fluorescent lamps 5' and over - $.32 each
  • Metal halide, mercury vapor and high pressure sodium lamps - $.69 each
  • Incandescent lamps - $.12 each
  • Non-PCB contaminated ballasts - $.15 per pound
  • PCB contaminated ballasts - $.57 per pound
  • Alkaline batteries - $.65 per pound
  • All other batteries - $.15 per pound
  • Electronic components - $.25 per pound

 If you have any questions please contact the New Holstein Utilities office at 898-5776.