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Appliance Recycling Program Ceases Operation

Effective immediately, all Wisconsin utilities have been informed by the Wisconsin Focus on Energy program that the Appliance Recycling Program has been discontinued.

Officials from the Wisconsin Focus on Energy program have been informed that their program implementer, JACO Environmental, is ceasing operations immediately. JACO Environmental has a national presence in the recycling market and was operating programs in thirty-five (35) states across the country. Focus on Energy officials have looked but there are no satisfactory alternative options available in the marketplace.

Utility customers who have a scheduled pick-up date/time established through this program are being advised that their appliance(s) will not be picked up as per the commitment that was made by the contractor. Wisconsin Focus on Energy has apologized to Wisconsin utilities for the inconvenience that this is causing customers throughout the state. Wisconsin Focus on Energy is reviewing options as to how to move forward in 2016. New Holstein Utilities will keep our customers informed of any updates with the program.