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Heus Leaving Utilities Commission; Klinzing Appointed by Mayor Reese

William (Bill) Heus recently resigned his seat on the Utilities Commission as he will be moving from the City of New Holstein. His last Utilities Commission meeting was November 24, 2015. Mayor Reese has appointed John Klinzing to fulfill the term by Heus' resignation.

Mr. Heus began his duties as Utilities Commissioner on November 20, 2002. His knowledge and experience in business were an asset to the Utilities Commission. During his thirteen years of serving on the Utilities Commission, he was involved in the decision making process which saw much progress made in strengthening the infrastructure of the electric, water, and wastewater utilities. Some of the major projects completed during his tenure included the construction of the Kennedy Drive water tower and upgrade to two pump houses, the construction of the Ford Drive substation and numerous projects to improve the electric distribution system, and the construction of the headworks receiving facility and the blower building at the wastewater treatment facility. He was also a member of the Personnel Committee.

On November 18, 2015, the New Holstein City Council passed Resolution #1332 in recognition and honoring the service that Mr. Heus provided to the Utilities Commission and serving the community. The framed resolution was presented to him at the November 24, 2015 New Holstein Utilities Commission meeting.

At the November 18, 2015 New Holstein City Council meeting, the City Council approved Mayor Reese's appointment of John Klinzing to succeed Mr. Heus on the Utilities Commission. Mr. Klinzing's term will expire on September 30, 2019. Mr. Klinzing is employed as a Senior Project Manager with J.F. Ahearn.