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National Theatre for Children Promotes Energy Conservation and Electric Safety

The National Theatre for Children (NTC) recently presented an electric energy conservation and safety program to approximately 500 elementary school students at New Holstein Elementary School and Holy Rosary Catholic School. The program is sponsored annually by New Holstein Utilities.

The National Theatre for Children is based in Minneapolis and tours the United States presenting live theatre to students. The NTC dedicates itself to educating young people on important and timely energy related topics and to increase their awareness of electric energy conservation and safety. In addition to the live theatre performance, each school receives curriculum materials and teacher guides for the staff to use in their classrooms.

This year, the NTC presented "Men in Plaid: The Kilowatt Connection". During the performance, students were encouraged to conserve electricity by turning off lights, electronic equipment and other household appliances when not in use. Some electric safety tips included not overloading electric plugs, staying away from electric transformers and substations, not climbing trees near power lines, and flying kites in open fields.