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Focus on Energy Offering Energy Saving Product Packs

New Holstein Utilities, in partnership with Focus on Energy, is offering customers the opportunity to use electricity and water more efficiently. For a limited time, residential customers can order energy saving product packs from Focus on Energy to assist in reducing electric and water use. The basic packs are free and customers can upgrade their packs for a small cost.

Each basic pack includes 3 - 10watt LED lamps (will replace a standard light bulb); 1 - 1.0 gallons per minute (GPM) aerator; 1 - 1.5GPM kitchen aerator; and 1 -1.5 GPM chrome showerhead. The other basic pack substitutes one power surge strip for an LED lamp and the showerhead. These packs are free. Four other packs are available for small incremental costs. Customers are eligible to receive one free pack per household. Packs can be ordered via the Focus on Energy web site at or by calling 866-543-9303. Customers should know their utility provider and have their account number available when ordering.

These packs are available for a limited time, so order one soon and start saving electricity and water!