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Electric Department Staff Collecting Infrastructure Information

In an effort to update its electric maps, the NHU Electric Department staff will be out in the field over the next several months collecting data for the development of new maps.

You may see the staff members by utility poles, transformers and pedestals that are located on or near our customer's property. It should only take a few minutes for them to collect the information. The staff will be utilizing a handheld device to collect and store the information. There will not be an interruption of a customer's electric service while the data is being collected. All employees will be driving marked New Holstein Utilities vehicles and typically will be wearing clothing that identifies them as NHU employees.

Once all of the data is collected, we will be updating our electric maps. The information and new maps will allow New Holstein Utilities to be more efficient in project management and in responding to electric outages that may be experienced by our customers.

If you have any questions with regards to the data collection project please call our office at 920-898-5776.