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NHU Promotes LED Exit Lights

All public and commercial buildings must have exit signs that identify doors or directions to safely exit a building. The Wisconsin State Commercial Building Code requires that exit signs must be lit at all times. These signs are typically lit by incandescent or fluorescent lightbulbs.

Incandescent (and to a lesser extent, fluorescent) lightbulbs tend to burn out in a short time period. To help keep the exit signs lit, NHU is promoting the use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. With the LED technology, exit signs can remain lit for up to 20 years or more, saving on labor and material costs associated with replacement. The use of LED technology also provides energy savings when compared to the use of other lightbulbs.

Through June 30, NHU will take orders for LED exit signs and retrofit kits for our business customers. There will be no cost to the customer for the signs or kits. Existing signs that have a battery backup are required to be replaced with signs that have a battery backup. The customer is responsible for any installation cost.

Customers can place orders by calling the NHU office (898-5776) or stopping in at the NHU office. Customers may also click here to download the form, complete it and then deliver or fax (898-5879) the form to the NHU office. When placing an order, customers need to know the number of retrofit kits and/or signs that are needed. Also, we need to know if the LED technology is replacing incandescent and/or fluorescent lightbulbs. Customers will be notified when the LED exit sign and retrofit kits arrive at the NHU office.