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Fall is a Good Time to Plant Trees

With most of the hot and humid weather behind us, the fall offers a wonderful opportunity to plant trees. New Holstein Utilities Tree Power Program helps reduce the cost of tree planting.

In 2002, approximately 1.5 billion trees were provided by nurseries for planting across the United States. Reasons to plant trees include:

  • producing oxygen
  • reducing sound
  • storing carbon
  • cleaning the air
  • reducing wind and erosion
  • increasing property values

Planting trees can save money and energy in heating and cooling your home. Shade trees on the south and west sides of your home makes hot summers cooler and let in warming sunlight when the leaves are gone in winter. Through October 31, 2003 New Holstein Utilities is offering our customers up to $50 per tree (maximum of three trees) to plant a deciduous tree.

Click here to view eligibility guidelines and to download an application form.

Application forms are also available at the NHU office. Please call 898-5776 if you have any questions about the Tree Power Program.