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Snow Removal Helps All

As the snow begins to fall and shoveling becomes a daunting task, please remember to assist the city and utility employees by clearing snow from around the fire hydrants and utility meters.

If you have a fire hydrant on your property, keeping the area around the hydrant free of snow and ice will allow firefighers to quickly connect hoses in the event of an emergency. A clear path to the street also allows for fast access to the hydrant for both firefighters and water department employees.

A heavy build-up of snow and ice can affect the operation of your outdoor utility meter and make reading it difficult for meter readers. A path to the utility meter helps meter readers perform their duties in a safe, timely and accurate manner.

When removing snow from around your utility meter, use caution around the gas connection, furnace air inlet pipe and exhaust outlet. A clear air inlet pipe allows your furnace to operate at peak efficiency, while a clear exhaust outlet prevents possible build-up of carbon monoxide fumes in your home.

Thanks for your assistance!