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Wastewater Treatment Plant Gets A Facelift

The New Holstein Wastewater Treatment Plant has recently completed an addition and upgrade to the wastewater treatment process. The addition consists of one new building which houses a new screen and grit removal system. These will greatly increase the efficiency of the treatment process, along with reducing maintenance and wear on existing equipment. Also, the existing main building, which houses the lab and office, was rearranged and remodeled.

The existing plant was completed in 1973. With the exception of adding a new aeration system in 1989, everything in the plant was nearly 30 years old. Finding replacement parts for the control system was becoming difficult as well as expensive, so a new computer based control system was installed. The existing grit removal process was antiquated and unable to do what current technologies are capable of. Also, there was no process that allowed for the removal of large inorganic materials.

The Screen Process

The screen is a Hycor fine screen which is the first step in treating the wastewater. The Hycor removes all the large debris that has a way of making it into the collection system. But more importantly, it removes rags. These rags accumulate on the impellers of the pumps. Sometimes these rags would also have broken glass attached to them. This would require the impellers to be cleaned by hand, which was an unsafe situation for the treatment plant employees. Now all rags, glass, plastics etc., are pulled up the screen, at the same time being washed off, compacted and then deposited into a garbage can.

The Grit-Removal Process

The Pista-grit removal system does exactly as the name implies. This system removes grit and fine sand from the wastewater. The Pista-grit is located in a deep hole in the flow channel, and has blades that rotate at a slow, steady rate, which funnels the grit to the bottom of the hole. Once this hole fills to a pre-determined level, the vacuum system upstairs turns on and sucks all the grit up to a dewatering system. The grit is then augured out into a trash bin and hauled to a landfill.

Now that both grit and other inorganic materials are removed before the actual treatment process, the plant will run much more efficiently.

If you are interested in seeing the plant upgrades, or want to learn more about the wastewater treatment process at the New Holstein Wastewater Treatment Plant, call 898-5776 and set up an appointment with Don Lintner or Kevin Nett. They will be glad to show you around.