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Be Prepared for Winter Storms

Winter weather might be unpredictable, but your response to it should be anything but. Prepare now for the chance that a windy snowstorm will blow out your electric service temporarily. If you plan ahead, you’ll feel warmer and safer until we quickly restore your power. Some tips:

  • Know what kind of weather to expect. Listen to weather reports every day.
  • Prepare an outage kit that contains a first-aid kit, a flashlight with fresh batteries, candles, matches, a battery-powered radio, a wind-up clock, paper plates and plastic utensils, blankets and bottled water.
  • Keep a supply of canned food and a manual can opener in your kitchen.
  • Stick emergency phone numbers on your refrigerator door or near the telephone so they will be handy when you need to report an outage.
  • If the power goes out, pile on layers of clothes to conserve body heat.