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Watch Out for Upcoming Water/Wastewater Projects

This Spring you will see new water and wastewater construction throughout the city. Ronet Construction will be moving equipment into New Holstein to begin work on five separate projects. All but one of these projects will cause some traffic and customer interruptions.

The project locations are:

Illinois Avenue between Madison Street and Washington Street;

State Street between Calumet Drive and Church Street;

Plymouth Street between Calumet Drive and Illinois Avenue and again on Wisconsin Avenue from Plymouth Street approximately 500 feet west;

Taft Avenue from Mason Street east;

The one project that won’t cause any disruption is from the unfinished portion of Kennedy Drive to the new water tower site which will be northwest of Weber’s BP.

All of the street projects are expected to be finished before September, 2006.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the construction sites this summer and plan to take different routes if the need arises.