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Utility Infrastructure Improvements Continue

NHU customers can now actually see some of the infrastructure changes that are going to take place in the community.

Around mid-December, NHU received confirmation that the structural steel for the new water tower was in the hands of our vendor and would be delivered to New Holstein. This was a nice surprise as the steel was not expected to be available until some time in late winter. Following a two day journey from South Dakota, the steel was delivered in five semi-tractor loads. With the unseasonably warm weather, the vendor experienced some problems delivering the steel around the new site as the land was quite soft. However, all went well with the unloading, and the steel now sets near the base of the new water tower. The steel is visible from Hwy 32/57. Construction could begin on the new water tower as early as February.

On January 2, site work commenced at the new electric substation property at the intersection of Ford Drive and Wilson Street, just east of Honeymoon Acres. Within a matter of a week, the 2.8 acre site has been transformed from a vacant lot to a useful piece of substation property. The gravel for the storage area has been installed and the biofiltration system installation will soon follow. The perimeter fencing for the storage area should be installed some time in February. As soon as the weather gets warmer as spring approaches, the foundation work for the electric substation will begin.

We encourage our customers to check the web site for periodic updates about these projects, or take a drive by to view the improvements yourself!