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Water System Projects Progressing

The water system improvement projects that began earlier this year are progressing. Most of the projects should be completed some time this fall.

The reconstruction of well # 3, which is located on Plymouth Street, began late last winter. Most of the initial work completed was located inside of the well house. The electric system for the well house was upgraded and a back-up generator was installed. The outside of the well house received a facelift this spring and summer. The chemical treatment process was improved, providing a safer environment for the operation of the system. After a delay, the new pumps were received and installed in mid-August. So, after being out of service for most of 2007, well # 3 is again pumping water.

Well # 1, located behind the Senior Center on Park Avenue, is now being removed from service. Many of the modifications that were completed at well # 3 will also be included as part of the upgrade at well # 1. The work is scheduled to be completed in early October.

For people traveling to or from Chilton on Hwy 57 on the northwest side of the city, they can now see the new water tower rising above the apple trees in the orchard. The construction crew still has some welding to do but the construction phase should be completed by Labor Day. The sandblasting, priming and painting of the water tower will begin in September and should be completed by early to mid-October. Due to the delay in the start of the construction of the new water tower, the repainting of the Mason Street water tower and the demolition of the water tower behind the fire station will not occur until the late spring and early summer of 2008.